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Drilling cut stones

I have about 20-30 medium quality oval faceted amethysts that I need to have drilled through the tops on the same plane as the table.

Can anyone recommend a lapidary who could do this for me?

I do this from time to time on soft and fairly hard cabs with a small drill press, diamond drills and diamond core drills, a way to spray water on the drill site and lots of patience. I am not looking to do this for you, but it is fairly easy once you figure it out. Jigging the stone might be the biggest challenge. There are other ways to do this, but they take a lot more equipment and money. I hope that you find someone to help you, but if not, you might be able to do it yourself. Sitting here in self quarantine in Central NY where it is currently 26 degrees…Rob

Can I suggest that you search for someone with an ultrasonic drill, some of the major bead maker/suppliers or lapidaries will have the device. I have a Imahashi 150, ( google which has proven execptionally accurate however my location probably precludes me assisting.

kind regards
Don Iorns