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Drilling and Finishing

Hi All,

First, i want to thank everyone who’s gave me ideas on drilling and
tapping stainless steel balls… just to let you know, i’ve decided
to go with the Sherline 3 1/2" Lathe in Rio Grande’s Catalog on p.
226… i think this will make drilling the balls much easier, and
much less time consuming… i do have a question, however, about
finishing… i have a raytech Vibratory Tumbler that i just
purchased, and it works great… i love it… however, i’m cutting a
lot of stainless steel at high speeds and the steel is getting very
hot and oxidizing (i guess that’s the term) and making the ends very
dark… now, they get lighter after tumbling, but don’t seem to get
out completely… i saw the product called Silver Magic on page 144
of Rio Grands Tools and equipment catalog (that catalog is awesome!!)
and was wondering if it will get the dark spots off the stainless
steel… it says it can be used on stainless but i don’t want to buy
it, find out it doesn’t work, and have it wasted… i am trying my
best to do ANYTHING but hand polish…

David Basile
Gen-X Jewelry

I’ve just put my Sherline lathe together. I was nearly reduced to
tears and needed 4 hands - especially when I realized that I needed to
mount it onto a board to keep it stable. Eventually I enlisted the
help of my housekeepers kids who I had to bribe with ice cream to hold
onto some bits while I tapped and screwed away.

Getting the drive belt in place resembled trying to put a corset on a

Now David may well have superior natural intelligence and not need
help - but, David, if it all gets too complicated email me and I’ll
tell you which way up things go!