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Drill bit sharpening - and other tips & spit!

Here’s a few tips probably everyone knows,…anyway. Sharpen small
drill bits with a separating disc, I just hold bit with white in
background, put on good specs and try to duplicate angle and pitch
of cut, if it doesn’t cut correctly, try again, have had good luck
with this! I use a combination of boxing and bee’s wax to make a
’cone’ and use pointed end to pick up and place stones to be set.
Might need to experiment with % of one wax or other to keep from
being too sticky. More spit! Lick a large CZ and press it under glass
in your showcase…it will stay…looks like a diamond is sitting
loose on the countertop, and gets attention of customers…a little
joke to break the ice. (new signature) T. B. Boozer III d.b.a- Thomas
Blair Designing Goldsmith Island Gold Works Hilton Head S.C. 843-686-6001 843-686-6407 fax