Drill bit / bur selection

I need to drill a 5mm hole in 14 guage sterling silver. I’ve been
looking through Stuller and Rio’s catalogs, but am uncertain which
drill/bur to use. Sawing and hole punching are not an option at
this point in the design. Can someone direct me to the right tool?



My handy, dandy pocket reference states that a #9 drill bit has a
diameter of 4.9784mm and a #8 drill bit has a diameter of
5.0546mm. Take your pick!

Linda in warm and sunny MA

Hello Catherine, You can probably find a drill bit the size you want
in a hardware store, but be very careful. A bit that size will easily
grab the piece you are drilling. This is dangerous. I might suggest a
tapered bur instead.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold