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Dried out handy flux

Hello to all!
My jar of handy flux is dried out, and I’m wondering if it’s safe to add water and nuke it? I saw an earlier feed re dried out flux- one jeweler mentioned putting it in his u/s, but I don’t have one of those… thanks

Add water and stir. I do it all the time, just takes time…Rob


Thanks- I’m doing that right now in a small container… slowly but surely :wink:
Was hoping for a quicker fix, of course!

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Sorry, I was a little brief in my original reply as I was busy. My handiflux dries to a very thick, but still “spoonable” consistency. This means that I can chip it out with a spoon. I usually put a couple spoonfuls into a small sealable jar, add water and shake it. I leave it for a while and shake again and again. With time it becomes a solution that I can use. Keep the jar sealed when it is not in use. I also keep a small amount of Batterns in a squeeze bottle with a hypodermic needle screwed on top. This is an easy way to dispense Batterns when I use it. Good luck…Rob

What Rob Meixner suggests works better than stirring.
I was the person who said to add water to the jar and suspend it in the sonic.
Using hot water will help dissolve things. If you have a blender, that would also speed things up. Just be very sure to thoroughly clean the blender when you are done. Clean with soap and water followed by running the blender with plain water to make sure all traces are gone. Also a mortar and pestle would do. To keep my paste flux from drying out or getting dirty I remove a small amount from the main jar into a little jar for daily use at the bench. I use a little empty eye cream jar. When I remove flux from the large jar I always add a small splash of water to it before resealing.
Happyy soldering.

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I use distilled water.