Dremel with a flex shaft

My 400 xpr came with a flex shaft. How do I use it with my dremel?
Last time I tried I ended up jamming up the power switch.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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Hi Liz,

There are different tools out there in jewelry land, each with
specific tasks. From related industries like auto body, dental and
even medicine, have cross over tools, such as files, abrasives,
drill bits, but if you want to grow, as a metalsmith and honor your
hands and your work, I suggest getting a real jewelry tool, a
jewelers flex shaft.

The amount of money that you spend will be a pittance to the amount
of your precious time spent doing what you love.

I am happy to help you answer your questions and get you moving in
the right direction which is YOU making your work, quickly, swiftly,
in a timely fashion and allow you to flow. I use a Foredom flex shaft
since I was in adult ed. I’ve never looked back and it has been a
trusty friend, always there.

Email me off line and tell me what you need.

Karen Christians

the flex shaft that is sold with the XPR only works with the XPR
model. Those packaged singly, about 29 bucks at most stores- work
with regular Dremels (295,395, etc. models and the industrial
models). You should simply remove the black nut ( that holds the
collets) and then screw the flex shaft’s housing onto your non XPR
model. If the XPR flex shaft isn’t working with the XPR contact
Dremel and tell them you think you were provided a flex shaft with a
manufacturing defect. the switch should not jam ever if it’s
connected as their instructions dictate. Visit the website to see
the instructions if they aren’t clear or you need more info.

Oh and most importantly Dremels are just fine for jewelry making
until you’re ready to spend about $300-500 for a Foredom, Buffalo
Dental or any number of pendant motors with flex shafts out there…
and there are many, I have many students that use the Dremel’s “work
station” and/or hanging rod for using it as a pendant motor would be
used (hanging with the flexshaft positionable) making jewelry that
is comparable to most made with a flex shaft by jewelers with similar
skill levels. So don’t let anyone suggest it’s an essential part of
your jewelry making education or studio to have a specific product.
I am certain the earliest jewelry makers on the planet had no flex
shafts to make jewelry with (or dremels!) and their jewelry is often
superior to a lot of the stuff produced by production jewelers and
manufacturers today. look at some museum pieces made in fine gold
without even electricity then ask anyone to rationalize the purchase
of any electric tool to preform any job.

Dremel’s are a fine piece of beginning jewelry making equipment with
many functions and models with high torque low or adjustable speeds
and their industrial models are particularly notable. They are very
well warranted too so the manufacturer should, if you recently got
it, honor the replacement warranty- over a year (unless purchased
with a credit card that extends the warranty often another year) and
you may have to have it repaired or replaced at your expense.

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a multi functional tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend: