Dremel option #1

“Necessity, is the Mother of invention!”

Instead of driving back and forth from my home-office to downtown
Toronto and picking up a few cleaning buffs, I went to Home Depot.
What can this store offer this jeweller? Then think again! I went to
a “Dremel” tool display was amazed at the tools/buffs been shown. I
came out of this store with exactly what I always initially frowned

Mind you, some of the cleaning tools and buffs were a tad expensive.
On the average, this display saved me 2+ hours of wasted time,
parking and dragging my tusch through the chaotic traffic on a
Friday. I now feel that I might be a frequent customer to this local
Home Depot.

My observation is that some of the jewellers tools are made only for
only very delicate cleaning. The Dremel tools have wider cutting
surfaces, and more in line of wood working projects. What ever the
case, either way it serves my purpose…Moral to this story…“never
close your eyes to other forms of tools being offered”.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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