Dremel moto tool

I have a dremel moto tool with the variable speed control that supposedly
controls from 5000 rpm to 1500. My problem is that the slowest speed that
I can obtain with tool is still to fast to do some production work that
needs a lighter touch. I use it out of the shop when I can’t use my
flexshaft,mostly doing fast reduction on wax rings but when I want to get
to an intricate or more precise situation it runs to fast to use, Therein
lies the question does anyone have one of these that they have succesfully
been able to lower the rpms without burning the motor up. All help

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For doing more delicate work, I insert a rheostat into the circuit. I am
then able to get some comfortable low speeds.

Judy Shaw

Try any electronic hobbyist shop(Radio shack etc…), and ask for motor
speed controller. You must tell them the voltage(110 or 220), type(AC or
DC) and power in Watts(or current in A-amperes). They will help you. Good
luck, Marcel

Hi Chuck - Since the early 70s, when I got my first Dremel, I’ve been using
a foot control from a sewing machine to control the speed. Basically, I set
the Dremel for max speed (total current passthrough), and plug it into the
outlet end of the foot speed control which allows anywhere from a few
dozens of rpms up to the max the unit is rated for. I’ve never burned out
a motor yet. (This is only good for motors with carbon brushes; larger,
more powerful motors require a different sort of speed control).

Jim from Small Wonders

G’day; I run my Dremel with a variable foot switch I got from a junk shop
20 years ago. As it was from a defunct sewing machine, I run my home made
scroll saw on it too. A household light dimmer will probably do the job as
well; get a high wattage one if you can. I too like slow speeds - even
when carving jade with diamond, surprisingly enough, or using less than 1mm
dia drills on sterling Very rarely do I use the Dremel flat out, foot to
the boards. (cement floor in my case) Cheers,

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An in expensive and very versatile reostat is a sewing machine foot pedal.
Ususally they are available at flea markets for around $5.00. They work
with about any motor needing speed control.

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