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Drawing platinum wire

Hello all,
Anyone can help me with suggestions for drawing platinum (950 Pt/Cu) wire,
sheet is easy, square wire
with rolling ok, but wire drawplate I never did, and I read that I can not
use steel drawplate…

Best Regards,

Pablo- My sweetie Timothy Green and I still do old school platinum fabrication. We make our own sheet, wire and tubing.
You can draw it through any good draw plate, carbide or steel. It draws so beautifully. The contamination with steel happens as high heat. Thus when soldering you have to use special tweezers with ceramic tips or platinum tips.
If you have any more questions about plat fabrication feel free to ask us.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer

Pablo, Drawing platinum wire: roll out square wire until it is just a bit larger than the desired end measurement, anneal it and then draw it to the size and shape you want. Platinum is the easiest and best metal to work with.Using a steel draw plate is fine. Have fun. tom