Drawing and rendering for jewelry design

I would like to learn drawing and rendering for jewelry design at
the counter. I know everyone uses Cad design, but I need to learn the
basics first. Are they dvd’s. books or courses that I could learn at
home. I work six days a week and can not travel to class at this
time. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



I have the full course work and spreadsheet for items you will need
all illustrated for you. If you just want a counter sketch short
course I have yhat as well.


Hello Gia use to have a home program in the 90’s you could check
then out. I’m sure something is probably available on youtube or the

I would check the library for anything with perspective drawing and

Good luck

Jewelry Illustration
by Dominique Audette

15 Exercises in Jewelry Design - Some Hints on Rendering

[Free eBook] Practical Jewelry Rendering by Tim McCreight

Being able to quickly and skillfully render a piece of jewelry while
standing at the counter and talking with a customer is a huge trust
builder. The clients can see that you know what you are really
talking about and can make their ideas come to life. Plus it is so
satisfying to have pencil and brush in hand and to be able to make
things pop off the page and come to life.

My sweetie Timothy Green is really great at this. I’m better at
doing water color renderings that take longer and are shown to the
client at a later date. Though my renderings are pretty, the ability
to quickly sketch at the counter is a the best sales closing device
of all.

For black and white illstraition I like the book Jewelry
Illustration by Dominique Audette. For color renderings I love both
The Art of Jewelry Design by Gali, Riviere, and
Li. Beautiful books.

Oh and one last thing. Only draw what you can make. My late father
was an amazing illustrator. When he took jewelry classes in his 60s
while getting his MFA in painting he would draw these amazing ideas
and then spend an entire term trying to complete just one project.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

You could also check out http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep81ye

He has two DVDs on rendering and teaches a week long course at the
New Approach School of Jewelry.

All the best,
Alex Poh


Remy is the BEST. I am even quoted as saying so on the link you sent

  • funny, had no idea that was there. Anyway, I loved working with him
    and hope to do so again.