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Drawer labels for tools & etc

I am replacing stacks of see-through plastic storage tubs with plywood drawers in numbers sufficient enough, but with my memory insufficient enough, that the drawers need to have labels.

I do not want to use stick-on labels such as those made by Avery. I’d like to use clear plastic pieces of some kind, very roughly 2" x 4", that can be tacked in place with small brass tacks so I can slip paper labels behind the plastic.

Does anyone know of anything like this, ready-made? Or does anyone have an alternate, reasonably priced solution?

Neil A

There are plenty of label frames/holders made for card catalogs and the like. Here is just one of many

SpzcdZa 8pcs Office Library File Drawer Cabinet Card Tag Label Card Holder Drawer Pull/Label Holders/Label Frames Card/Label Holder Modern Label Holders Metal Frame (105x60mm Silver)

Amazon listings for these sort of things.

Love your organization. Have you checked out the plastic/vinyl name badge holders meant for sliding business or larger cards in? They usually have a place for a pin (removable) or a clip for a pocket (removable). Office supply store would have them for you to look at then buy them by price anywhere.

What about getting some brass name plates and engraving them? Super clean! I can laser engrave them for you. I get my plates from If you want to see all the variables. Wouldn’t actually be that costly either.

@Goldfinger, thank you for your kind offer to engrave brass labels for me.

I think that would look great in a nicely appointed studio. Alas my shop is not that.

I’d like to use my printer to make paper label inserts using a large-enough font to be easily readable, and perhaps use some color-coding as well.

Suggestions by @Elliot_Nesterman and @gsmietana45 are closer to my goal. I’m going to use the card catalog label frames for the smaller drawers of one cabinet and name badge holders for larger drawers in a much larger cabinet that need more text on the labels.

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

Neil A

It’s not what you asked for, but my fairly cheap alternative is wide light color painter’s tape (All I could find was the green colored Frog tape) and a dark sharpie, because it was impossible for me to read any color sharpie on the blue painter’s tape, and the black and dark blue sharpie show up well on the Frog painter’s tape.

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