Downsizing the shop

After 10 plus years work for my last employer, and several decades running the shop in various retail jewelry stores, this week I relocated my trade shop, including my Crafford Laser into a new smaller shop in our farmhouse.

Not bad, it only took 2 of us 2 days to disassemble, move, and reassemble the entire shop, although it will take a few more days of tinkering, and working on fitting everything back into an efficient running shop.

I will now focus on offering trade laser welding and setting services to the local trade.


That’s funny! The first image rotated when posting.

I guess that is indicative of my effort to fit everything into a smaller shop! :wink:

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That’s a great move, I bet you’ll love working at home. Just remember to stop working sometimes and smell the roses. Shop looks great!
Best of luck!

Thank you.
I already realize that working for myself means I am working for a Slave driver!
After 40 years riding a bench in retail stores though, it will be nice to work where I can glance out a window and see turkeys and whitetail deer.

If it is any consolation, in the first image you look like a rock star or roadie for Willie Nelson!



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