Doublet delaminating

A regular customer recently commissioned me to set an old emerald
green simulant that was of sentimental value to her.

Several weeks later you can see a slowly growing separation between
the top and bottom layer of the stone (I think its probably glass

Is there something I can do to make the bubble/airpocket go away. I
thought of seeing if cyanoacrylate (superglue) would do it but
thought I’d better ask someone who has been here before I do
something I could regret.

This particular stone has significance to her and she has had it set
in white gold with diamonds.

The separation starts at one edge…there’s no chip or crack in the
stone just the slowly expanding bubble.

I’d appreciate any help…thanks.



Superglue is a bad choice as it WILL break down when exposed to
water/moisture. The 2 part epoxies are a better choice, make sure
thay are mixed VERY well. Best choice is a UV or heat curing epoxy,
like the stuff used in fine optics. Norland adhesives has the best.
Search for the one that is curable by UV (sunlight will work) OR
slight heat. Great stuff.

Clean your parts and pieces thoroughly in acetone, then denatured
alcohol. Oil from your fingers will screw up the glue join. You have
to be surgically clean.

Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter