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Double flush cutters by Miland

The mailman just delivered a pair of double flush cutters from Tools
by Miland and they do a truly excellent job. I thought I had some
good double-flush cutters before but these cut the wire absolutely
flat across both of the cut ends. There’s also a handy little gauge
thingey that allows you to cut many times and get the exact same
length each time.

The website ( ) was mentioned
here a couple of weeks ago but I think I may have seen their booth at
Tucson. There was a cluster of people around oohing and aching about
the tools; if the double flush cutters are any indication, I now
understand why.

Charleen Tyson Weigel West Sacramento, CA

End of forwarded message

All-- The tool site for Miland posted by Charleen Weigel ( ) does indeed look interesting.
Has anyone else used these tools? They’re a bit expensive, but worth
it if they really work well. Thanks! --Noel

I have used these flush cutters and they work as advertised.
However, they are more than a bit tedious since you have to insert
the wire in the correct hole each time you cut. If you are using the
gauge to cut repeated lengths, you have to remove the cut wire from
the hole out of the front of the tool - the gauge keeps the cut wire
between the back part of the cutter from coming out of the back.

If you need repeated exact lengths, you need it. If not there are
other cutters that do a reasonable job and are far easier to use.

Judy Hoch