Door lock

Hi all,

I’m in need of a doorlock that can be fitted to a normal house
inter-connecting door that can track the folowing: Who opened the
door and when it was opened The lock.must be accessible from both
sides of the door. The preferred method that I would like for
opening the lock would be a key pad There are ten people who use
the door. Could some one direct me to a suplier who has e-mail?

Thanks in advance


Check here when you get there check the
Passpoint system. I think it’s similar to what you’re looking

Hank Paynter
Brook Hollow Studio

What your looking for is more like a simple alarm system, with
one of its relays used to control an electric lock. Most coded
keypads and door locks won’t keep track of who is coming and
going, while most alarm panels can be programmed to print out
this along with time, and date.


What we use to control access to computer areas is magnetic
swipe cards. These systems are a bit pricey but they allow you to
track all entry (on a computer), permit a unique card for each
person, and access can be very simply limited (timewise,
termination-wise). Another plus is they also record attempts at
access that didn’t succeed. Best place to ask about these is at
an alarm shop. Once you have the base system installed the per
door cost drops.

A cheaper solution is to alarm the door and have a keypad to
turn off the alarm to allow entry then auto-arm itself again.
Most alarm places should be able to set something like that up
for you.

I can ask for details if you want (the company that supplies
them is a client - also is in the same building as our office).

Cameron Speedie (Daytime Systems Engineer - Nighttime Lapidary)
Island Gem and Rock