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Donut plated and mounted

Ok, this is a weird one. My brother in law, who has been a cop for
years, is retiring. I think it would be hugely funny to have a donut
plated and mounted as a gift. Can this be done? I’d rather not copper
colored, perhaps silver or even gold, though this could be silver- or
gold-colored depending on price.

(For those of you not in the US and who have no idea what I’m
talking about, police in this country are rumored to have a love
affair with the donut, usually a ring-shaped pastry made of a sweet,
quick or yeast-risen dough; the form called a “cruller” is a twisted
log shape.)

Here’s a link to a photo of some:

Christine in summery Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

Christie That is an interesting idea. You could
electroplate/electroform it and then give it a gold or silver plate,
maybe even brass if you would like. Are you familiar with plating? If
not get back with me, It can be a little expensive to have it done.
You could do the electroform , then the copper/nickel. Then Have some
one throw a gold plate on it for you. I am now setting up a complete
new plating area in my plating shop, I think I will try this for the
heck of it with my new bath set ups. Clint