Donna Shimazu's Orchids


Donna E. Shimazu is the first woman to be certified as a master
bench jeweler by Jewelers of America. She works for Maui Divers of
Hawaii, a jewelry manufacturing and retailing company based in
Honolulu, as a designer and research and development specialist. She
has her own custom jewelry and model making business and she teaches
jewelry making at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

In 2003, Donna attended her first SNAG conference in San Francisco.
In anticipation of meeting fellow Orchidians, she took orchid design
pins for the annual pin swap event. The pins were a hit and Karen
Christians of Metalwerx asked Donna if she would be interested in
letting Orchid use her designs for fund raising via the Orchid Shop.
Donna agreed to give Orchid free use of her designs and made up the
production models. Daniel Grandi of Racecar Jewelry came on board to
do the manufacturing for Orchid.

Every piece of Orchid jewelry purchased helps to support Orchid and
The Ganoksin Project!

Get yours at Jewelry Making e-books - Ganoksin

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