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Donna Lee Greenberg - Jewelry Gallery


Donna Greenberg Arts
Jersey City, New jersey

I am a self taught jewelry artist and sculptor with a fine arts degree in painting and ceramics. I have been exploring the sculptural side of jewery making primarily through the use of polymer clay and some metal work. I love the immediacy of polymer clay as it allows me to express my dual interests in organic forms and narrative storytelling such as in my Frida's heart pendant and I am endlessly fascinated by the chameleon like nature of it's properties.
My inspirations are many, from the formation of a coral reef to a walk through a sculpture gallery at the Met. Living near a great city like NYC my whole life has never failed to spark my muse as I feel I thrive on the constant change and energy that comes along with an urban environment.

My goals are to incorporate more materials such as resins and paper into my work as my personal vision expands.

Materials: Polymer clay, freshwater pearl, garnet, sterling silver, silver leaf,pyrite, acrylic paint, crystals Dimensions: 21 in.

A bridal commission created with hand modeled, textured and painted polymer clay ‘coral’ pieces. The faceted garnet focal is the brides own stone. Sterling silver balled ‘whisps’ embedded pyrite nuggets, and silver leaf ‘pods’ add festive sparkle. Small freshwater pearl and garnet crystals finish the piece.

Photo credit: Donna Greenberg


What’s Left Behind

Materials: Polymer clay, rubber and silver cording,pearls,pyrite,sterling silver, acylic paints
Dimensions: 4 in. long x 2 in. wide

An exploration into what happens to coral reefs when disturbed by careless human behavior. Though missing it’s former color, this leftover ‘shard’ is still beautiful. The embedded pearls lend a smoothe contrast to the rough hand sculpted textures and the rubber and silver cording is an unexpected compliment to the whole design.

Photo credit: Donna Greenberg


Frida’s Heart the Deer Necklace

Materials: Polymer clay, brass,acrylic paint, leather
Dimensions: 2 1/2 in. x 2 1/4 in.

The Deer necklace is inspired by the pain behind the beauty of Frida Kahlo’s life. The body is constucted of solid polymer clay and the arrow is brass. the entire piece is hand modeled and finished with hand painted details. Strung on a leather strip with a polymer antler hook.

Photo credit: Donna Greenberg