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DONATIONS! The time has come!

I am once again going to broach this subject.  I finally believe
Orchid should charge a minimum membership fee to be getting this

G’day all - and as the British Parliamentarians say all the time,
“Hear hear!!” I have thoroughly enjoyed Orchid since it’s beginning
and it is something to which I look forward every day. I am no
longer young. In fact I was 80 last month, having retired from work
18 years ago on a small pension. But if I can afford to send a
donation every so often, so, I reckon, can anyone. I regard it simply
as a ‘ticket to ride’.

But I have to agree with Louis Gerstenblatt that the time has come
(the jeweller said) to talk of many things - which have to do with
keeping Orchid on line. Hanuman has said often that he doesn’t want
to charge a fee, and we can do no more than persuade him; it is after
all his (rather well behaved but somewhat fat) baby.

OK; so in this case the least we can do is to stump up happily and
voluntarily remembering that things do tend to get put off
’temporarily’ under the pressure of other things.

My suggestion is that we should make a payment of whatever we can
afford on a reasonably regular basis; say on or within a week of our
own birthday. Well, why not? If I can manage it from the other side
of the world, (with a terrible exchange rate!) what about you? Send
Hanuman your birthday present!

Dr. E. Aspler
BS Building #4
14-16 Soi Intamara 42
Sutisarn Rd, Huay Kwang, Bangkok
Thailand 10320

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

Greetings All:

I can’t help but agree, both with Hanuman and John. With John that
one ought to donate periodically what we can afford, especially if
one operates as a business - small or large. With Hanuman on the
other hand I also agree that membership would dwindle to the
strictly trades and professionals - some of us older hobbyists would
fall by the wayside because even US$20-30 would be more than we could
afford in our own respective currencies.

John’s idea has a great deal of merit.

And, yes, although not quite as old as John, I, too enjoy Orchid
immensely, and learn a lot as well.

Best regards,

Joe Bokor

Well, here I am again. With over 3000 e-mails going out daily,you
would think all of this talk about a free or membership site would
be unnecessary. I can appreciate Hanuman’s desire to keep Orchid
free,but I keep thinking about how long will it be before he is
enirely out of funds and we will lose Orchid entirely. When,not if
I win the Lottery,we won’t have to worry anymore. I have one more
suggestion and I promise never to bring this up again. Both Hanukah
and Christmas are coming soon and maybe all on this site should send
a Holiday Gift to Dr. Aspler and Orchid. A specific amount will not
be required but we should try to be as generous as possible. I’m
sure any amount will be appreciated. Like John’s suggestion,we should
make this an anual event and see what transpires. My Hanukah gift
is on the way. Let all of us let Hanuman know how much we
appreciate him and Thank him for bringing so much knowledgs and
happiness into our lives. Louise

. Hanuman has said often that he doesn't want to charge a fee, and
we can do no more than persuade him; it is after all his (rather
well behaved but somewhat fat) baby 

Hi all- I agree with John. I was going to suggest that we all send
christmas/new year cards with a donation, but the idea of using our
birthdays is genius! Think of all of us sending Hanuman a birthday
card, not only dropping a note of friendship but a donation to
Orchid as well. And due to the number of us, the random dates will
act like a monthly deposit rather then a one time fund raising or
annual “do or die” situation.

My 2 cents,

Terry Swift
Vashon, WA