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Donating; Used Setting-Tools


During the past many months, I’ve been looking at my setting tools & all of them were collecting dust. Last week I thought of donating them to a jewellery school just north of Toronto. “Georgian College”. I taught there on many occasions, the students knew literally everything that had to have been taught.
From casting, Basics of “Computer Aided Designing”, repairing of jewellery, rubber mold cutting and of course, stone setting with gavers. I donated 75% of my tools.
Some of my graver-handles were about 35 years old, but still useable. I even had a digital diamond scale.
There were a few displays of genuine stones for their gemology courses. Here are a few photographs of what was donated. Included was a portable photo-light box. All of these are for the ‘next generation’ to use.


Thats very generous of you my friend. this way it insures the skills
will be passed forward to the next generation.


Ah what a great tool hoard! Thanks Gerry for passing them on.
Most all of us in the trade have a tool acquisition disorder. “I can quit any time” she says:-)
Tim and I sometimes end up “inheriting” tools from the retiring or deceased old timers we used to work with. We hand them out to students. I’m also getting ready to ship some to Tim McCreit’s Tool Box Initiative. He takes old tools to African metal smiths. Worth seeing the videos on You Tube.
Jo Haemer


Tim mccreights toolbox project could benefit from any surplus, too.


Here’s the website for the Toolbox Initiative for those that are interested.