Donate equipment to school

Greeting, I wish to donate a vacuum caster, kiln, plating machine, and
misc. parts to a non profit school or organization. Please contact me
at: @isgoldwks…or 843 686 6001 EST. Thank you,

Thomas Blair
Island Gold Works

Our organization, The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths, a
not-for-profit guild, would be interested in these items. Please

Razine Wenneker

I work for the Surburaban Fine Art Center in Highland Park Illinois
which is a non-for profit community center which teaches jewelry. If
you would like to consider us for your donation please email me off
line at Your donation would be tax deductable
because we are non for profit.
thankyoy, Jennifer Paolinelli

I have a casting machine that I could possibly donate. I have to
check the model, but it’s brand new and unused. I bought two by
mistake. I use a Neycraft, and this was a different model. It’s just
the arm and some weights and some cylinders.

  • darcy

Good Morning Mr. T. Blair,

I would like to inquire about the items you have to donate for a

school. I am a counselor at an elementary school k-5th grade and I
have a club called the Golden Attitude Club for kids who are
responsible, respectful and reliable. We would appreciate anything
you wouled like to donate a kiln etc… We do jewelry-making,pottery,
beading, etc…If this is possible please contact me. Our children
come from an impoverished home setting in North Philadelphia where the
income of the household is not enough to feed one child let alone 5 or
6 in a household I give them materials to help them escape their
environment but, it doesn’t last or the next step is to put it in a
kiln we don’t have or we need satin string to string our beads and its
too expensive so we don’t have it. Please consider us for this offer.

Thank You!
Ms. Nancy G.

If there is any equipment that folks are willing to donate, Metalwerx
would love to have them. We are search for a casting system, vacuum
would be peferable at this time. Please remember that we cannot give
you any kind of a tax write off because we are not non-profit. This
does not mean we are rich by any point. But the equipment will go to
good use which is educating our public about metalsmithing.



Darcy, Don Dietz here of the Florida Gold Coast Gem and Mineral
Society. We started our cabbing and faceting courses last year and now
hope to get our silver smithing and casting courses going by the end
of this year. Would love to have a casting machine…no matter what
model. Don’t know where you are located but if its reasonable, would
be glad to pay the freight.

Contact me off-line if interested. We are non-profit and will
provide a donation letter for tax purposes.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry.