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Doming Set

The other day I was at a Habor Freight store and found a Doming Block
and Punch set. It’s a nice little swage block and appropriate punches
to do various shapes. Nice set for $39.99USD.

Here is the link to HF:
Item number 93539

I like it, and I could not have made this set for the price, and I
have three other small swage blocks that each cost about what this
sety cost.


too bad you paid the top most price for it…it has been on sale for
24.99 for a few weeks…the good news about harbor freight is that
within a year you can return anything and they replace it, or refund
your money ( w receipt and original packaging- they need the barcode
for inventory purposes)…so if you didn’t throw the box away, you
can return it, and order it online or via phone for the sale price
and save yourself 14 bucks plus taxes…I got one at the store for
20.00 because i had a five dollar off coupon…pays to keep up w.
harbor freight. they just had some graphite crucibles/ assay
containers from russia…3 for 7.00 in a set…and they ahave a great
forming set for bends and bezels in the automotive section for 9
dollars… I don’t know if it’s worth it but for 15 dollars you can
join the “fast track” club- (probably just a way to get more bucks
for the excessive advertising they post, mail, distribute, etc.) but
a telephone operator told me that if you order more than 50 dollars
in a year of stuff they send all kinds of discounts, free coupons,
dollars off offers, etc…All in all HFreight has good consumables and
sketchy power tools ( although the gentec torch system price beats
most jewelry suppliers prices) read about the motor and foot pedal
fires in past threads on ganoksin…I have gotten some great deals on
average items i would not otherwise be able to afford ( like the 12
ton press and many forming tools, powder coat systems, vibratory
tumblers, tumblers for jewelery w/ stainless shot at half the cost of
identical Rio grande products, etc) and some specific to the jewelery
making/metalworking tools and equipment that are warrantied with the
best bonnie doon equipment at a fraction of the cost (if you don’t
mind the fractional quality!).