Domed box construction

Dear All, Can anyone out there help me of how to construct a
spherical box, constructed from 2 identical domes.

Thank you so much.

Hi Katya,

The only limits when making a domed box is the size of hinge if you
wish it to be hidden within the circular shape of the box, the
smaller the diameter of the box restricts the size of tube hinge,
(here in the UK boxmakers call this tube hinge a joint.)

If you can contact me offline and let me know the size and details
of your box, I will try and send you and sketches on how
to make the box. I have made many of this type of box, my best
example is one I made to fit inside a Easter Egg, it was 18ct gold
and the size of a golf ball and had a watch mounted inside, the ball
box lid was set with diamonds. I have included an attachment photo of
the ball clock, the complete egg and ball clock is shown on my Orchid

James Miller FIPG