Does gold fuse like fine silver?


I am thinking about making some chain…already do some in fine
silver with fusing. Does 14 kt. or 18kt (etc) gold fuse in a similar
fashion as fine silver or must it be soldered?


14kt gold is a little too “brassy” to fuse well. It can be done, but
it gets gas easily. 18kt, at least my alloy, fuses pretty well. Use a
boric acid/denatured alcohol dip, or you’ll get oxides which will


As I understand it, the presence of the alloy is what makes it
harder to do. I don’t know that it’s impossible, but I haven’t heard
of anyone making a practice of it. Fine silver, fine gold, sure, but
alloys tend to be a little persnickety about flowing together without
benefit of some lower-melting alloy to help the process along.


24k and 22k fuse easily, but 14 + 18 require soldering.

Jennifer friedman
Ventura, CA