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Does Argentium Sterling contain copper?

Hello all -

In the March 2007 issue of Lapidary Journal there is an article on
white metals (pp28-33) In the section on Argentium sterling, it
indicates that Argentium is a mixture of germanium and other
proprietary metals and that it contains no copper.

I was under the impression that Argentium does contain copper.

Am I incorrect?

Thank you -

Debra Hoffmaster in snow-bound Michigan where Lapidary Journal
arrived by dogsled!

You are right, it does Debra. Unless something has change very
recently, but I’m sure we would have heard about it. Germanium
replaces a little of the 7.5% copper content, but not all. I don’t
have the 2007 LJ to see what is written. It takes a little while
longer to get to Australia!


Eva Martin

I was under the impression that Argentium does contain copper.

You are correct. Argentium Sterling DOES contain copper. The
germanium prevents the copper from forming firescale, and reduces
tarnish. The copper contributes to the hardness and toughness of
sterling (as opposed to fine/pure silver).

Cynthia Eid

Debra, as I’m sure others will tell you, you are quite correct. All
current formulations of Argentium Silver contain copper and there
are very good reasons why that that is not likely to change in the
foreseeable future. It’s a bit surprising that LJ let a gaff like
that get through.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
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