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Does anyone tweet about jewelry?

Who on the list tweets about their jewelry activities and ideas?
(Jeanne M-R, I know you do). Please post your ID if you would like
another jeweler following you.

My twitter ID is @wise_ladydragon.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon

Dear Kelly, I have been meaning to join Tweet and also Pin it. So I
will join tweet and we can follow each other. I just did my Etsy, it
is so easy, and I really like the way that I can monitor the weekly
views. On my first week I have 64 views and 18 marked me as a
favorite. I had the most hits on my sea windchimes. I am going to
contact the ones that marked me as favorite, and try to establish a
relationship so they will come back.

I am at and my shop name is AlaskaStixsnStones All one
word. I am posting new items every few days. Am getting a better
camera and just got a light tray to show the stones more. It was
easy, it is fun, and I will give it a year.

I will go to your tweeter site and follow your progress. Thanks for
the boost, I like it when I have an idea and it is immediately
confirmed. Blessings pat

David Vandivier:

Kelley, I have just started doing so, and my ID is @gemotica. I have
a facebook page as well. I do not have any photos yet and I will be
abroad for the summer, but in September I will be much more active
with all the social networking.

I did like your jewelry pieces, btw.

Jamie Hall:

I tweet as @primitivemethod - my feed is mostly art history,
experimental archaeology and primitive technology.

Jamie Hall