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Does anyone purchase waxes from catalog?

Does Anyone Purchase “Waxes” From A Wax Catalog Anymore?

It has come to my attention that there are not very many people
selling wax models anymore.

Has this venue totally dried up? Is there still a need for someone
selling wax models?

I have a few thousand molds and was thinking of setting up a website
with pictures of the models. I can also email the entire catalog to
people or let them download it from a website.

Prior to going through all the work of creating and setting up a
website, I figured that I would ask here to see if the idea would be
viable. Is it?

I also do CAD/CAM work. Should that be a separate website? I am not
so sure thow the mix of services would be perceived.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


On rare occasions I purchase a casting from a 1998 casting house
catalogue. Time for an update! A rubber mould will produce waxes
faster than a wax printer, but printers can produce a wax that no
rubber can mould.


David, I sure do and would buy many more if the styles were more
current or more basic so they can be modified. This would save save
me so much time when doing custom orders etc.

You might try Paradise Wax or Lex-wax. these are two companies that
only sell wax patterns

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold