Does anyone know what this chain is called?

This is a bracelet belonging to my nephew, unfortunately after I replaced the clasp, it’s gone missing. Trying to find another one for him, but not sure of the name of the chain.

That’s unusual. I’ve not seen one like that before. It looks like a hybrid of Figaro and mariner chains.


At first glance I’d say it was a Figaro chain but the barred links are typically Anchor style. I think I would crawl through a Chain Kiosk in the nearest mall and see what you can find. Show the picture around. Rio Grande has a lot chain on the website and in their material and findings catalog. Good Luck!

Don Meixner

It looks like a biker bracelet, except where the round clasp is, there would usually be a rectangular slide clasp that doubles as an ID tag that one would engrave. I wonder if the rectangular links are a logo? That might be traceable.


It’s a curb chain, which is defined as links which have been twisted to lay flat.

Two different link designs comprise this curb chain. One link design looks like a traditional curb chain link.

The other design looks like a compound link: as if it originally was two links, each with a square end and a rounded end, and the square ends were soldered together with a lap joint.

Unless you can find the original manufacturer of that specific chain, you’ll probably have to settle for something similar but not exact. Most in the trade would probably call that an Alternating Mariner or Anchor chain, but neither one is 100% accurate.

It may be helpful if your nephew can recall where it was purchased. It may have been from a jewelry chain like Zales or Kay, or even from a department store, many of which have their own proprietary lines. If it was from an independent jeweler, they will most likely remember who they got it from and would be able to replace it.

Most chain manufacturers like Quality Gold or Royal Chain (used to be Leslie’s and Aurafin), or Downeast Trading Company have things that are similar, but each has their own slight variations. You’ll need to get an account with any of these companies to buy from them though, or find someone that has one.

If you do find a suitable replacement, make sure you solder those jump rings closed before you let him wear it.

Not very helpful, I know. Sorry.

Dave Phelps