Does anyone have experience with MOP?

Does anyone have experience with MOP?


What are you wanting to do with it? You can cut and polish it as you
would any soft gemstone or you can treat it the same way as you
would amber, jet or horn and use steel tools and polish with metal
polish. Like abalone, beware of the dust.

Nick Royall

What do you mean? Setting, or cutting? It must be cut held under
water, because the dust is bad for humans to inhale, and as for
setting, as gently as possible lay the prongs/softened bezel over.
Wear with care; treat like pearls. no harsh chemicals.

Mary Jane St. Amand, Gemologist

It cuts well with a jeweler’s saw, you can file or sand it to shape,
and polish it with tripoli or zam. But you are not supposed to
inhale the dust! Use a mask to avoid doing so, and clean up your
area afterwards.

Mlou Brubaker

When cutting, filing, sanding, drilling MOP, do it wet! And wipe up
any residue after you’re done. If you work dry, use a dust collector
AND wear a mask AND wet mop when you’re done. Shell dust. really bad
to inhale. Also, don’t get it in any cuts or openings in your skin.

Linda Kaye-Moses

Thank you for the replies. I have a watch dial that has a MOP dial
needing to be replaced. The thickness of the MOP is.006" and there
are 4 cut outs.

The cutouts can be done with a laser. If anyone has experience doing
this, and could do this job, please let me know. The color of the MOP
is so uniform, that maybe it isn’t MOP at all. Is that possible? I
attached a pic.



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