Does anyone have any experience with this oxygen concentrator?

I was looking at the one at Rio but it is 5 lpm and this one is 10, which, as I understand it, will produce enough of a flame to do some heavier pieces. If anyone has any experience with this one, I would really like to hear your comments.


I use one every day.

Don Meixner

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I started with an Invacare 10 lpm and when it crapped out, I bought a 5 lpm. The 5 lpm works well on a combination Little Torch and Meco on 1 lb. camp stove cylinders. I regularly solder and anneal large 8 gauge bracelets and do 1 -2 oz melts. Be careful that you don’t buy an on-demand intermittent O2 concentrator…Rob

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Thank you both. I guess I’m on the right track.