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Does Anyone Do Dry Tumbling? If no, I have a question or two

Hi, Everyone. I have been using Diamond Pacific’s Vibra-Day tumbling products, then also began making my own.

Does anyone the board here do dry tumbling? If so, I’d like to ask a question or two.

Thank You.

Hello, I am the OP. There is a typo in my subject line, but I don’t see any way to doing into the title and change it.

It is supposed to say, “If SO, I have a question or two.” Not, if NO.

Thank You!


So ask your questions, they will likely get answered if there is one. It appears to be vibra-dry not vibra day. It also appears to be a finishing process that is preceeded by traditional tumbling with various media in a flow through environment. For me, there is point where you just take it out of the tumbler, or never put it in there, and polish it on a wheel and get the job done.