Does 9ct gold stretch as much as silver when you hammer it?

I have made and sold a lot of textured silver rings I have named ‘well hammered’ (see pic). I have to start them 5 sizes smaller as they stretch so much when I hammer them on a tapered ring mandrel. My daughter now wants me to make her wedding ring with my well hammered technique, which just means hammering the entire surface of the ring with a ball pein hammer.
Because she wants it made in gold I need to know what size to start it off at, to arrive at her required UK size P (US size 7&3/4).
Can anyone advise me on this?

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I think your question is, if the original dimensions of silver and gold are the same can they forge out to the same finished dimensions? The answer is yes.

One thing to remember is that 9 kt is a much harder metal than silver. You’ll need to anneal it more frequently.

Hope that helps!



Yes thanks - that does help
I’ll post here what the outcome is…I’ll try it today

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Made it 4 sizes smaller then hammered it with a 1 oz ballpein hammer to bring it up to size P, Didn’t need to anneal. I think I need to repeat the process though - 2.3 x 2 mm just isn’t solid enough for a lifetimes wear as a wedding band. I’ll see what my daughter thinks about that.

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Is the finished band 2 mm thick?

Best of luck!!