Doctor JewelCad Homepage!

To all on the Orchid Digest

I am new to the Orchid group and look forward to the events
listing. I’M designer and model-maker. Use to make jewelry by hands
30 years. Today I work with new tehnology. To create design, I use
computer and softwere “Jewel Cad”. To make hard model I use Model
Maker 6-Pro

Please visit My Home Page at:

If you are a Jewelry designer and Model-maker, JewelCAD has the
power and tools for you to create and sell jewelry faster than ever
before. >From the virtual to reality, JewelCAD will be your tool.
With JewelCAD you can design jewelry in an intuitive and timely
manner. JewelCAD provides many design tools that save you time and

If you have any comments regarding the page or “Jewel Cad”,
leave comments in My guestbook. Please feel free to e-mail Me:
@Dmitry_Goldfeld Tel: (718)457-8408


Dmitry Goldfeld (Doctor Jewel Cad)