Do you work in platinum?

Hi all.
A little request.

I know this is poorly timed, what with the Tucson show and all, but
maybe some of you can still help.

In a week, I’ll be giving a talk to the local metals guild here in
Seattle regarding platinum. It’s mostly an introduction into methods
of working for individual craftspeople, for those folks who’ve never
worked it, and aren’t sure where to start or how to approach it.

But I’d also like to include in the talk, some images of work people
other than myself have done, preferably from other artists, rather
than commercial examples, but if you do commercial lines in platinum,
that too would be welcome.

So if any of you, reading this list, work in platinum, or even have
only experimented with working in platinum, either by traditional
fabrication methods or casting, or even by having CAD models cast in
it, or however you did it, and would like to have your work shown to
the local group,

If you also happen to have decent images documenting specific
methods or tools you use that would be of technical interest for such
a talk, these would also be of great help, adding diversity to the
images I can take of my own tools and methods.

Please email me the images and appropriate info. Nothing
specifically fancy needed. Just a standard digital image file,
probably a jpeg, in a high enough resolution so it will look decent
projected in a somewhat smallish room. Include, in your email, of
course, whatever info you’d like me to also mention, such as your
name, details of the work, etc. Things do not need to be entirely or
even mostly platinum. Just examples where you’ve incorporated it in
your work in some manner. The images will be used only for this
talk, not otherwise published, distributed, altered, or stored, so
your designs are safe in my care.

But Time is somewhat of the essence, since I need to finish putting
the presentation together this coming weekend.


Peter Rowe

Peter you may use any of the images from my web site listed below,
Email me if you would like any info