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Do you make your chain

I do not normally make my own chains. I have done this for special
commissions and for necklaces (rather than just to hang a pendant)
but most clients do not care enough to pay the extra cost of all the
time involved. Also I am able to offer a wider range of lengths and
styles by using bought in chains. Hope this is helpful

Fergus grant - Stevenson

Do you make your own chain?

I always make my own chain, I see this as an integral part of the
design of a piece. I also make all my earwires, catches etc. My
customers like the fact that what they are getting is something
unique and hand made. Very occasionally someone will ask about bought
chains, and I direct them to a colleague who only uses machine made

I also do chasing and repouss, so there is a lot of waiting around
for pitch to cool down; while this is happening I make chain, then
when I want a change it’s back to the chasing.