Do you have tools to sell or need tools?

Hi All

Every month I send out an email from jewelers who needs
tools/showcases/etc or have those same things to sell.

I’m going to send out an email blast before Thanksgiving. I make no
money from this.

if you have either one, please send directly to me at my email
address below:

Your name
Complete contact address/phone/email
What you are looking for
what you have to sell, send along pictures (small size please, not 1
meg each) and approx what you want for it/them.

I’ll compile it, place it on my web site and send out an email blast
to my jewelers and also post here on Orchid.

(I have now many show cases for sale, engraving machine and people
looking for these. have some folks asking about buying used
steamers/safes/laser welders.)

David Geller