Do It Yourself Dust Collector

Anyone out there have any ideas on a do-it-yourself dust collector (400 cfm)?

Look at the shop shots page on my website. I made it over 45 years ago and it has gone through several iterations. The blower is a 900 CFM blower. Good luck…Rob

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yes, go to carving fusion by Jordy Johnson on you tube. he made a video on his updated version just last month. The NEW down draft DUST COLLECTOR table- Built from a old solid wood desk. - YouTube

good luck and have fun


Are we talking about how to control the debris from carving wood or polishing metal? They are two different things. I polish metal and that is what my dust collector is designed for…Rob

Gold, silver & platinum only.

The table in the video looks like a lot of overkill for polishing precious metal. You need enough negative pressure to keep the air moving through your hood away from you and your shop to a point where you can collect the precious metal in the duff and then exhaust the dirty air to a place where you don’t care about it getting dirty. Look at the commercial hoods in the various catalogs and websites that we frequent. Study what makes them work and then replicate it in your build. A lot depends on how big the pieces are that you work on. I make big bracelets, so I need heavy wheels, a big motor and a lot of air moving through my hood. If all you work on is small rings, then a shop vac and scoop shaped hood will work. I cut a hole in the top of one of my benches and pull air through it with a cyclone between the hole and the vacuum to collect debris from my sanding and grinding station. You can collect your duff and grinding debris and send it to a refiner to get credit for the precious metal that is entrained in the air stream. If you work in gold, send in your rugs and cloth covered seat cushions. Building a hood is a great way to save money and get just what you need where you need it…Rob

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