Do I need a flashback protector?

I am using and air / acetylene torch do I need a flashback
protector? I have seen 2 kinds one is 10 bucks one is 35 I am unsure
as to what I need.

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I would, and do, although mine is Oxy/Acet, I have one on each.

A flashback arrestor has a device/material inside to slow the flame
front to allow the built in check valve time to close.

More than likely, it is the $35 one you seek, dang the luck, the $10
is probably a check valve. Read the package or the valve itself, it
should plainly state what it is, mine do.


if you have an insurance policy that covers total losses then it may
be considered optional…

However, a flashback arrestor, and any other inline safty devices you
can find( like a flashback arrestor with an inline check valve- that
is probably the 35 dollar item you referred to) are better than no
protection- particularly if you are not the only one using, or
responsible for the torches, gas shut off and other safety checklist
items in the studio space, or if you don’t own the space, or if it
is close proximity to other buildings. Most city fire codes have
regulations rearding gasses.Your local natural gas company or
plumber can also enlighten you as to your specific location’s
building codes and regulations for using stored gas, if not your
insurance company- Acetylene is a hazard. propane more so, oxygen a
hazard unto itself…in all cases i would buy the flashback arrestors
from a welding supply store, you can get a flashback arrestor check
valve unit ( about 35-45 bucks that also is a" y " connection should
you need two O2 lines for different gas supplies ( one O2 tank and
hoses to an acetylene tank, and another to a propane,MAPP, or natural
gas supply). the 10 dollar flshback arrestor is adequate
though…don’t ask the welding supply employees – most will tell you
they are unnecessary!

Hi wow thanks very well explained! just me in a rented wharehouse
insurance is up to date but personal safety is never too expensive
thanks for the explanation I will go for best one a flashback
arrestor check valve unit sounds good

Just acetylene no O2 no MAPP no Propane just one tank :slight_smile:

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