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Do digest readers affect the stats?


Hi Seth and Leah,

I was just curious…If I receive a digest email, and read it, and do not reply…does this “reading” affect the stats?

ie: is this “reading” counted as a “view”…?

(I am guessing the answer is no?)



Hi Julie - no. The actions you take in your email client are not something we can track (except for opens, clicks, etc).



Ok, that is what I thought…so the number of “views” is probably much lower than reality! :heart_eyes_cat:

Thank you!



Yes, it is under-reported for the reason you mention. There are 5,100 active members right now, and about 30,000 on the “promotional mailing” list.

of those 5,100, the overwhelming majority of course are legacy silver members.



Is the promotional mailing list, the people who get the digest?



No, only active members who are signed up can get the digest. Those are people who, at one point over the last 20 years, were on one of the Ganoksin email lists :slight_smile: We have been around for a long time…


Is there a way we can find out how long we have been a Ganoksin member? Just curious…:-)…


Hi @janetb - I could probably figure it out by looking in the database. We have that information stored, but we don’t utilize it because we don’t have it stored for everyone.

Let’s make a deal. If you log in and add a profile picture, I’ll dig in and see if I have the info on you :wink:


Well, the only reason I didn’t already put in a picture is because my most recent photo is pretty old…:-)… But now ya got it, misleading as it may be.… [My hair is now white/gray/brown and really long…:-)…]


OK! I am going to check in the database and see if I can figure this out. So far I don’t see that I have the data for you, but it may be in another place I have to take a peak :wink:


A quick look at my end finds my account was **re**activated Jan 12, 2009. I found emails going back to 2002 so far.

Janet in Jerusalem