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Do ah Book Do ah Book


Hi Gavin, Jim, Dave, second the idea for info, the more around the easier
it is for new people learning about the field.

(snip) series of smaller booklets on various phases of jewelry making.One
on soldering and one on casting and one on coloring and annealing and
pickling and so on.I would make them available seperately or together
with photos as a good part of each one.I have some experience on writing
how to type magazine articles and illustration with photos and feel this
is an approach that has not been covered well enough in the past…In
other words you could get one or more areas at a time.Sort of a lesson
at a time with how to go about it in photos and that way a person could
order them all or one at a time.

You could do what Alan Revere has done and do them as a series of articles
for JCK, National Jeweler or Lapidary Journal. Lap. Journal actually pays
which is pleasant. You would of course not accept the first contract they
sent you (there are several levels of contract-the first one takes
everything from you) and write one that gives them one-time use. This
serves to keep you on a schedule, have someone else pay for having the
photos digitized or half-toned (write in that you want the half-tones of
files on disc afterwards), and get paid for development while
simultaneously advertising the books. Alans publishing of his articles did
not to my knowledge hurt his book sales at all, the opposite in fact.

Happy to share distribution info and other addresses (ISBN etc) when you
are ready.


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