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DIY ventilation system

Hi everybody,

Does anyone have any advice for a DIY ventilation safety. I have a
studio in my small apartment. I do basic soldering with propane and
I have a pickle pot. No casting or acid etching or anything too wild
done in this studio.

I am thinking just a RangeHood fan ( for above a stove) just over my
solder station. Something like 250 CFM. My studio is 14’ x 8’. Think
this would be good enough?

Thanks all!!


It’s not so much the filter hood itself that is as important but the
filter itself. Call an distributor of industrial products and tell
them what operations you do, fumes from what materials and ask them
to recommend the right filter and what cfm, cubic feet per minute,
rating the unit itself should meet.

Pat Gebes

Here are some cheap DIY’s from Instructibles :-

Regards Charles A.

If you have a window that happens to be in a suitable position, you
can use a small, $20 window fan. No installation, variable speed
fans, cheap, quiet, and easily removed when you are not using it.
Here is a link to the type fan I refer to

The top picture is the one I refer to. It also has the advantage
that it pulls the fumes AWAY from you. A range hood pulls them BY
you. You install the fan by opening the window and closing it down on
the fan. A built in, accordion type partition closes off any gap left
after the window closes.

Mitch Adams