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DIY- sweeps drawer bumper


I thought I would share my latest DIY fix.

My metals bench is rather small, and the distance between the pin and the sweeps draw is rather short…

as a result, my elbows and forearms were often resting (somewhat painfully) on the sharp edge corners of the sweeps drawer…

so!..i got a 21" long piece of foam tubing from the hardware store (it already has a slit cut along the length) and simply popped it onto the front edge of my sweeps drawer…

now the edge of the sweeps drawer is nicely padded, and much more comfortable for me.

much happier!

(I also put a thin sheet of kraft foam in the sweeps drawer to protect dropped items)



Don’t forget, when your padding gets worn out, to send them to the refiner as well as your sweeps!

Great idea. You can also use what’s called “pool noodles”. Same foam with a slit but comes in a variety of colors. I use them on my lapidary machines.

Thanks for the ideas for my work bench and lapidary machine.