DIY steamer

Might help for clarity if a jewelry steam cleaner is called a
steamer, and a steam dewaxer is called, a steam dewaxer. Steamer
cleans jewelry using steam under pressure, commercial steam dewaxer
removes wax from flasks using steam, no pressure before going into
the kiln. I have used a large canning pressure cooker for dewaxing,
but you have to be very careful. Two inches of water, a rack to hold
the flask above the water, leave the vent open. and do not let it run
out of water, or it will be extremely hot, dangerous wax. When the
steam is forcefully coming out of the vent it should be done.


Might help for clarity..... 

EXACTLY! You made the point so much clearer than I did in a previous
post to this thread. Now, what do we call the device that is used to
steam in order to smooth the surface of the wax. That is really the
one that I want to build or buy. Maybe I could put an insulated hose
on the vent of the pressure cooker to direct the steam (only half
serious but may be a starting point)?

And, regarding the pressure cooker: How long does the investment have
to set before putting it into the steamer?

Currently I ramp up for 2 hours at about 350f to Burn Out the wax.
Does this mean that I can eliminate the ramp up and go directly to

RLW (Ronald L. Wade)