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DIY Deburring Compound?

Hey there everyone,

Im just beginning to venture into the mass finishing world and have recently ordered a 11KG rotary tumbler as well as what is advertised as “Plastic Stone Abrasive Media” approx. 600 grit. I also ordered stainless steel shot and “tumble soap”.

From reading so many topics, especially the ones @judyh comments in with all her knowledge of tumbling, it seems to me I need to use a deburring compound with the plastic abrasive media in order for it to work effectively. Especially since I will have a rotary tumbler which from what I read will take more time to achieve the results I’m looking for, being a nice matte finish on brass pieces.

Problem being, I’m located in Malawi, Africa and as mush as I wish there was a jewelry supplier down the street, the closest one is in South Africa, a cool 2,500 km away. Therefore I can’t find Deburring compound at the supplier in South Africa to ship up, nor find it locally.

Any advice on a DIY Deburring compound or a acceptable substitute? Or if this vague “tumble soap” will suffice?

Cheers and thanks for any help!

Kyle Snell

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i just read the description of their tumble soap - and it suggests that you use it in conjunction with other cleaning. The note also recommends that you have a mix of shapes of shot.

What “other cleaning” would you suggest? Dish soap as some people suggest on here?