Distances on Orchid

Yesterday Anna Williams wrote to me from Hobart, Tasmania. She
wanted to know just what “Bright-Cutting” was. I knew just where
Hobart was, so I figured I’d Google the distance from my
Toronto-area, to her city. Do you know the distance?

I measured it out on my little mm. gauge, it’s about the distance
mean nothing these days, time is also irrelevant, it’s measured only
by the time it takes to answer a direct need to help someone.
anywhere! Just what did I send her, photographs & reams of essays
just on my ‘bright-cutting’ notes. I mixed in with my interpretation
on how this new knowledge is used daily at a setters bench.

If anyone wants to read my essays & my opening letter just ask. I
figure it might take a few weeks to read & explore this great new
skill. summer reading & graver shaping time also included. If you
also wish to read other topics. kindly go to “Gerry’s Blog” here on
Orchid. more non-stop reading! I still want to do a very close-up
photograph on an Oval Faceted Bezel set stone. But this will be
showing my “Bright-Cutting” technique during the setting process.