Disposal of tanks

I use a Little Torch with oxy-air. I use the small tanks that come
from the hardware store. How do I dispose of the empty tanks? I
assume that one doesn’t just dump in the trash (and they won’t go
down the disposal). Please help me out. I have a bit of a collection
here. Thanks (or tanks) in advance.

Maggie, Although a truely empty tank (an open valve yields no gas)
can legally (under EPA rules) be disposed of in the trash, the small
propane tanks should be taken to the local household hazardous waste
disposal site. Hopefully there IS one. If you are not aware of that
service, call your trash hauler or city/county fire department.
Those folks should know where and when the closest site operates.
Failing that, call 1-800-CLEANUP and ask them. Judy in Kansas -
hotter than blazes, but not hotter than Texas! Hope my Texan friends
get cooler weather soon.

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Extension Associate
221 Call Hall Kansas State Univerisity
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-1213 FAX (785) 532-5681

another fun way to dispose of small propane tanks (at least if you
live in a rural area) is to take them out and shoot at them with a
.22, when you’re done they are safe. I used to do this out my back
door in Ireland, it’s a bit awkward here in London.