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Disposal of Liver of Sulfur

Hello All:

Is Liver of Sulfur disposed of by diluting it and pouring it down
the sink? I can’t find a MSDS sheet on it so I assume it is not
nasty stuff. Also I noticed that after several uses it lost its
ability to blacken. Did I maybe contaminate it or does it just break
down after use. Thanks

Michael Mathews

Hi Michael:

Years ago I wrote Griffith, the supplier of the Liver of Sulfur I
bought, and they sent me an MSDS. Basically what they said was that
"disposal must be in accordance with your local requirements, there
were no known neutralizing requirements other than dilution with
water. The MSDS states Keep away from strong acids. Dust may form
flammable or explosive mixture with air. Toxic gases produced -
sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide.

Under disposal procedure it simply says dispose in accordance with
all appliable federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
It has an SPS Hazardous Waste Number of 0001 (Ignitable Waste), under
Storage and Handling precautions it says Storage Requirements, keep
container tighly closed. Store in cool, dry, well- ventilated area,
away from heat, sparks, or flame. For shipping it is
listed as a flammable solid.

I tried to scan my MSDS but it is old and it is a reprint that is
hard to read even in original form so the scan was worthless.

If you wish to write to Griffith and get their MSDS the address is
P.O. Box 662, Louisville, CO 80027-0663. Griffith is a supplier of
chemical products to the silver and goldsmith trades. My contact
witht them was in 1995 but assume they are still at the same address.

Good luck and hope this helps. BTW my instructor at the university
simply diluted his spent LOS and poured it down the drain.


I found this website that provides on Liver of Sulfur.

My suggestion is to call your local fire department to ask to where
they suggest disposal. Their haz mat team can probably assist you.

Michael, can’t help you on disposal, check with your state
environmental branch. However, Rio Grande does have a on-line MSDS
fact sheet. Check out this link: Type in 331031, which is
their product number for Midas brand Liver of Sulfur

Richard Dubiel
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If you wish to write to Griffith and get their MSDS the address is
P.O. Box 662, Louisville, CO 80027-0663.  Griffith 

This is out of date. Griffith has been bought out by
Grobet. As far as I can tell the company in CO is no more and all
operations and packaging for the chemical line is now done at the
Grobet facility in Carlstad, NJ.

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It decomposes when exposed to air. I have always assumed that it is
harmless at this stage. Am I wrong?

marilyn smith