Disposal of chemicals

Hi all, Regarding disposal methods of hazardous chemicals, The
county where I live puts on a household hazardous disposal
program once or twice a year here. I take all my spent cyanides,
acids, etc. to them and they happily take it for disposal. The
first year I did this, I had quite an inventory accumulated from
many years and was concerned about taking the cyanide solutions
since this was primarily geared toward “household” chemicals (ie
cleaners, oil, etc.) but was assured that it was fine to dispose
of these chemicals. I guess they figure it is better for them to
take it than for a consumer to dump it down the drain. Since
then, my yearly supply is minimal. I do always clearly label the
containers and tell them not to store the cyanides with the
acids. You folks may want to check and see if this program is
available in your area. The best part of this is that it is free!
Ken Sanders

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