Displaying silver jewellery

I’ve recently started stocking my work in a store. And owing to the
hot and very humid weather, the silver turned black in 2 weeks. The
pieces are kept in a partially closed glass counter on a velvet base.
As the store is not very close to my house, it’s not easy to pick up
the pieces every fortnight to polish them. What are my options?


What are my options? 

Put a chunk of camphor in the case.

Purchase a good quality ‘passivation’ liquid.

-Mix 1 part with 3 parts hot water, mix well, allow to cool fully,
soak item for minimum of 10 minutes, rince off under luke warm
running water, blow off with air [never wipe], put item[s] aside for
2 days for coating to harden.



I have had good success with 3M anti-tarnish strips you put in your
cases and helps with the tarnish problem. You can get them from Rio

Roxan O’Brien

Do you use a citric or nitric passivation? Or, is there another kind
that works on sterling silver? Do you know of a product name that is
sold in small quantity (e.i. 1 or 2 liter)?

Thank you,