Display styles

I am a jewellery student in Western Australia…I am
currently writing a paper on the different display styles in the
jewellery industry. I am looking at the way jewellery shops
display their merchandise with the use of stands, lighting,
colour schemes etc. I am also looking at galleries and the way
they display jewellery pieces, what stands and cabinets they use
and the size of the gallery space in relation to the jewellery

I am very interested in hearing from anyone who displays
jewellery in shops or galleries and I am interested to find out
what they use eg. types of stands, lighting anything at all to
do with display. Is there any new contemporary display ideas out
there? Look foward to hearing from you

Hi Arna, the following may make an amusing footnote for your
research paper. A major Sydney jeweller was taken over by a
large estate agent who promptly sacked most of the jewellery
staff and replaced them with real estate and property management
people. I was hired during this period as “executive designer” to
boost the store’s image. I never got a chance.

In the name of economic rationalism, the real-estate whiz-kids
decided that the only way to sort out display priorities was to
measure the cubic volume of all the street front display windows
and calculate the cost of the square meterage based on current
real-estate values for this prime retail position.

They ridiculed the appeal to aesthetic sensibilities of the
store’s talented display staff and steamrollered their policy
over the objections of what was left of the trained jewellery
staff. Their solution to rationalising the window display was to
cram as much stock into the windows as possible to offset the
real-estate value of the window space.

Where there had been eyecatching, elegant displays, suddenly the
windows were a jumbled mess of high ticket items. Sales
plummetted and they wondered why.

All the best with your research,

Rex from Oz (in Sydney)